Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Generation of Pioneers

Happy Pioneer Day everyone!

As you can imagine, Pioneer day is not as big of a deal here because 1) Florida was settled long before Brigham Young was even born and 2) The LDS church isn't quite as big here as out west.  Nevertheless, we had a good time remembering the pioneers and celebrated by going out and preaching the gospel to those who had not heard it.  This last week marks a complete year of service as a full time missionary.  I took your advice and spent a little bit of money for something I needed.  My clothes are fine, in good condition, and fitting well, and radio shack was having a clearance sale on Mio brand GPS Navigation systems.  So, in case you were wondering why I spent 70 dollars at radio shack, that's why (the price includes a 1 year warranty in case anything happens to it).  Even with my knowledge of this area, it's been incredibly useful and I'm very happy with it.  Transfers are tomorrow and I'm staying in Kendall and so is Elder Cathro.  I really like it here, not just for missionary work, but I could actually live here.  It's a nice place.  I couldn't say that about anywhere else that I've seen on my mission. 

Alejandra is getting baptized on Saturday!  That'll be fun.  I'm making lemon bars.  I was just wondering if you all still look the same as you did a year ago?  If you do, that's awesome because it's exactly how I imagine you.  If not, then pictures would be much appreciated since the only ones I have are the ones from the mesa arts center that sister barton took.

Well, Happy tuesday!

Echale Ganas!

Elder Fine

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High Fives and Fun Fourths

As you can imagine, the 4th of July was a little different as a missionary, but we still had the ability to eat some good barbecue food and sang some patriotic songs.  Good memories of hamburgers and watermelon and the sweet smell of chlorine passed through my mind.  I'm glad that our ward functions well enough to assign home teachers to investigators.  Please give a vicarious high five to the priesthood leadership in the Montecito ward for that one.  President Anderson is here and we'll be meeting him tomorrow at zone conference.  I know you don't really know any of the people that I write about, so it may not be of any importance to you, but I don't really spend any time thinking about other things so I guess I don't care.  This week one of our investigators taught us a lesson.  Sometimes missionaries say that meaning "we learned something."  What I mean is we assigned her to teach the lesson during family home evening and she did.  It was on the importance of commitment.  She would be baptized already but she could have a baby at any moment so we might have to wait a while.  Question for the RM's in the group.  What ideas do you have to offer to help a companionship of two fantastic missionaries that just don't get along?  It is an enigma.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Con amor,

Elder Fine