Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunny Days

Good Morning Everyone,

First item of business, talk about the weather:  Fall?  What's that? No, it doesn't even come close to existing here.  It hasn't rained as much last week but that's only because no hurricanes have passed by recently.  Hurricane season ends after October.  It's still pretty hot.  I've heard it gets cold enough to put on a sweater for a couple of weeks in the winter, but since I got here at the end of January, I guess I missed those weeks.  Please make mormon profiles!!! I want to see them!  Especially since I haven't seen pictures of my family since Lauren carved a trogdor pumpkin with Jason last halloween, it might be really nice.  Tate's going to Manchester, England...he seems like an England missionary somehow.  I don't know why.  I hear the Manchester football (soccer) team is really good.  I'll probably watch soccer more in my free time when I get back.  I still can't play it worth beans but I have a greater appreciation for the sport since coming on a mission.
I heard about the BYU game.  Let's not dwell on that.
Lucia got baptized!  She's a super cool Colombian Lady.  She scared us a little bit last week because she slipped once on the whole coffee thing and then when we went to talk to her about it she had a bunch of questions "Do you believe more in the book of mormon or the bible?" she asked.

We explained that because both were the word of God, they were equally precious and valuable.

"okay" she said "it's just that I was reading in the bible the other day and really praying to know if this is the path that I should take."

she had her bible open and some verses highlighted.  We braced ourselves to resolve some doubts about false prophets or adding to the word of God or any of the usual questions.  How could this happen?  She was doing so well!

"I read this in Isaiah 30:21" and she proceeded to read the verse to us.  "This is the path, walk ye in it."

Sigh of relief.  I just thought it was interesting that both I and Elder Smith had an inherent mistrust of what the Bible had said or what she had taken from it.  Luckily, the book of Isaiah has actually proven to be one of the most correctly translated books, if not the most correctly translated in the whole Bible.  So that's just fantastic.

Anyway, here's some pictures of Lucia and of some pre-toasted toast.  That's right.  You can buy toast.  Regular Flavor.  It's not cheap either.  You could probably buy a decent toaster for the price of a few bags of toast.  Best idea since bottled water.


Elder Fine