Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Friend Hurricane Irene

Dear Family,

So dad and I are the only ones who aren't going to school this year.  I'm on a mission, Dad, what's your excuse? Elder Gibbons of the seventy came on Saturday and basically talked about applying what Elder Ballard taught us about.  Lots of self-evaluation and ways to increase our faith.  I'll be studying it this week because I don't think I fully understand it yet.  There's a storm hurtling this way.  Apparently it's going to rain in a big circle and a couple trees might fall down.  I'm not too worried.  Sorry I don't have a lot of time to give a big update.  Just be still, and know that I am Elder Fine.

Pictures:  This is a starfruit, I had never seen one before my mission.  It is called a starfruit for this reason: see second photo.  It is somewhat similar to a tomato, but a little sweeter and without the nasty seed goo.  You eat them with salt.

Ever onward,

Elder Fine

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