Monday, November 7, 2011

7: Much More than a Lucky Number

oh hey, I'm writing you right now :) I liked Dad's story.  I shared it with the mission president. btw we had 7 investigators in church on sunday.  Best Sunday so far in my mission.

Hi family!

This week was great!  Want to know why?  I'll tell you.  Gayle and Rhiana and Semia and Lashay and Samori and Nicole and Alexandra and Michael and Kristi all came to church!  and in the cases of Nicole, Alexandra, Michael, and Kristi, all of them came with their less active parents!  And that's pretty great.

I don't have a lot of time to write this week, but I promise I'll have a christmas list for you next week, mom.  Idea for a great missionary stocking stuffer: stamps, photos, a nice pen or two, and mormon tabernacle choir cd's.  just a few ideas for now.  I'll let you know if anything else comes to mind.  Also Staples has this great "arc" customizable notebook that I got.  Maybe some pocket dividers or project planner pages for that would be cool. 

I'm not kidding it's probably my favorite setup for a notebook that I've ever seen.  I have the big one.  Not the little one.

Thanksgiving will be a good day for us.  We'll probably have someone invite Gayle's family over for dinner and eat with them.  sorry I'm short on time this week.  Love you!
Elder Fine

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