Monday, July 2, 2012

Speed Angels

Hello Everyone!

The tropical storm went north of us, so we just got some wind and rain :) yay!  While a hurricane may be a good experience to look back on, I am definitely not going to pray for one.  I have enough opportunities to serve people without being locked in a high school gym, AND I can actively proselyte. We went to the best beach in the keys on saturday (branch activity, approved) at Bahia Honda state park.  It was voted best beach in America in the 80's.  It was super beautiful.  Only problem was all we could do was stand under the pavilion and sweat in our white shirts and ties, and since we didn't have investigators there, we just made our appearance, ate some food, and left.  I'll come back with snorkeling gear when the Ft. Lauderdale temple gets dedicated next year.

My new companion is Elder Scott from Central, AZ.  That's #3 from the greatest state in the union.  Elder Almada in Mexico from Phoenix, Elder Hatch from Flagstaff, and now Elder Scott.  He's a great missionary, and not just because he's from Arizona.

Mazdas are good cars.  Lauren might have to teach me how to drive it since I think I forgot.  We got pulled over today for running a stop sign on our bicycles.  They just wrote down our info, made us stand there for a while and then gave us back our ID's, thanked us for wearing helmets, and let us go.  It made us late, but I guess I can see the need for it in Key West.  There are lots of bikes, and lots of bike accidents.  I've never been pulled over in a car.  Twice on a bike (once at BYU for riding on campus during the class change) and once on foot for knocking doors, but never in a car.

Go Conchs!

Elder Fine

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