Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Joys of a New Life

Hi Family!

Since I don't have any email addresses, I'm just replying to your work email. Thanks everyone for the letters. I heard about Tempe Town Lake. Elder Hunt said it happened just before we left. I wasn't really paying attention when we drove past the Lake to get to the airport. I guess my mind was on other things. I haven't had a chance to play the piano. I am eating a lot. They're remodeling the gym right now so we all go accross the street to the missionary field to exercise. I usually play volleyball or frisbee or run. I also am using Adam's perfect push-up gizmos and they gave us an elastic band to work with in our rooms. There's also a pull-up bar in the hall so I use that too. P-day is today, wednesday, so that's when you guys will get email while I am in the MTC. I think it's great that you guys hung out with Logan and Tommy. They really are two of the best people I know, and I hope you guys continue to be friends even though I'm not there. Maybe Logan will ask Lauren on a date or something. I want to hear all about vacation and what you guys are doing. Dear Elder is free, and getting mail is fun, so just tell me something unimportant or random that happened that day, and I'll enjoy it. Dad, I wrote you a letter en espaƱol. You'll probably get it when you get home. If you want to correct it for grammar or make suggestions, that would be great, and also write or email me in spanish as well, I think it would be good practice for me. I probably won't have time to email in spanish, but that's okay. Well I made it through the first week and all the initiations are over and we're finally in a consistent routine. I'm actually doing much better at the 10:30/6:30 thing than I thought I would be. I guess early to bed and early to rise really does make a man healthy and wealthy and wise...okay maybe not wealthy, but I can definitely see the blessings of obedience in how well I am learning the language and teaching skills. I think spanish comes a little more naturally to me just from hearing it a lot. I wish I was better at teaching, but I guess that's why they send us to the MTC before we go into the field. A warning for you all: it is highly likely that I will have to wait for my visa. There are missionaries that have been here 16 weeks (that's a 6th of their mission!) waiting to go to Mexico City. They just had us fill out a form that I remember filling out once already for our visa applications. Hopefully all goes well. I think I get to call you guys when I get my travel plans, so that'll be exciting. Okay, almost out of time, so...I love you all and you'll be hearing from me next week! Have fun!


Elder Brandon Fine

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