Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Whole New World

Hey there everyone!  So, let´s see, Christmas still isn´t over...the Reyes Magos (Magi) come on January 6th and bring 3 gifts to all of the good niños.  Adam, you know about this tradition right?  With the Rosca de Reyes bread with little dolls hidden in it and if you get the baby Jesus you have to make tamales for everyone?  Yeah, Santa Claus isn´t really a big deal here, but the Reyes Magos are.  We´ve been working hard.  My companion is a great teacher and knows the lessons really well and speaks spanish and english.  We´ve been working hard.  Our area is pretty steep so we´re always tired at the end of the day.  We could definitely work harder though.  I feel like we spend too much time doing too little good sometimes.  Sometimes no good at all.  I´m not sure if all missionaries get this feeling or if it´s just me, but I feel like I´m in a terrible hurry and I need to use these two years as effectively as possible.  I think I´ve noticed this especially lately because my companion, while he´s a fantastic teacher while he is teaching the gospel, is easily distracted onto other topics and probably has never owned a watch.  Anyway, there´s some really humble people here and some really prideful people here.  I knew life in the US was good but I don´t think I ever realized how good.  We have buttons we push that open our big garage doors for us so we can park our three cars that we have inside our carpeted and air conditioned house.  Seriously.  I mean, just having a garage is one thing but a button that opens it for you?  Anyway, I´m not really sure where to go with this letter.  You get 5 pics this week!  yay!  I´m still pretty lost.  Mexico City is NOT built on a grid system, street signs exist but it´s not a good idea to expect them on very many streets, and a lot of it looks the same.  I´m getting used to it though.  It´s a little weird because I have some of the characteristics of a brand new missionary, but I´ve got 5 months in the mission already, so I guess I just have to re-humble myself and learn it all again because it´s different.  I hope everything is going well at home.  I don´t know how much longer I´ll have on the internet.  I still need to write President, so I´ll check after that if I have a letter from you.


Elder Fine

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