Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Los Reyes Magos

Hi family!

Last I checked, a regular letter from the states to the estados costs 98 cents, or 11,50 pesos.  I got the phone numbers for the mission doctors so I can take care of my meds.  No worries.  This week has been pretty adventurous.  The Reyes Magos, Mechor (white guy on a horse), Gaspar (black guy on an elephant) and Baltazar (arab on a camel), didn´t bring us anything so we bought a Rosca and ate it with the relief society president while she gave us like 15 references.  Those Reyes are a big deal here, but they only bring toys to kids, once you´re older you don´t get giftcards or clothes or anything, the reyes just stop coming.  Yeah, this manera de Ammón thing that the president has really works.  There were two niño jesuses in it and I got both of them, so I guess I´ll be buying tomales on February 2nd.  So this week, I helped put out a fire, almost got bit by a dog, went rock climbing through thick brush and nopales (prickly pear cacti) because we were too impatient to take the road all the way around the hill, drew a little cartoon of San Miguel Arcangel fighting El Dragón in my planner, taught my companion a couple songs on the harmonica (he got one), ate a lot of really good food and cookies, all the while running from Montezuma for fear he would take his revenge on me.  So that hill that I´m on top of in the picture, that´s the one we climbed over in the rocks and cactus (the path is only on that side, not the side we climbed up).  When we got over there we found that there was a rather large fence blocking our way into the other colonia where we wanted to work.  Suddenly, and out of nowhere, a man came walking through the grass.  Now you have to understand that while there are many people in our area, the likelyhood of finding someone on that hill was very low.  We asked him if there was a way to get in without going all the way down the hill and back up, which would defeat the purpose of climbing the hill in the first place.  He lead us to a tiny pasadita which we never would have found.  For those of you who have seen the Labyrinth, imagine the scene where they have to step on the rocks to avoid falling into the pit of eternal stench.  We thanked him and explained that we were missionaries.  He explained that his name was Solomon, that he had been taking missionary lessons in Florida, and he lived in La Joya.  Perfect!  Moral of the story is there is no such thing as coincidence.  Okay, what else, I always forget things when I write these letters.  Oh yeah!  First piñata in México!  We found this inactive family when we were putting out the fire, and this was the cumpleaños of one of the older daughters.  We found out at the party that Marco, the 9 year old son, hasn´t been baptized and wants to, so that´s good.  There was also a pentacostal christian at the party that wasn´t too fond of us, but couldn´t find anything wrong with our doctrine so just criticized the members.  Anyway, Winny Pooh piñata!  I love you all and hope everything is going well.

The church is true,

Elder Fine

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