Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jimmer's Fame Spreads Far and Wide

 Hello Family!

Ethan:  I can promise you with 100% surety that if you go on a mission and cannot play the hymns you will regret it. It's important to learn now because you will not have time to practice as a missionary even though you will want to.  'nuff said.

Speaking of Temples, HUGE NEWS.  This last Wednesday (the 16th) the final approval was made by the city council and zoning commision to build a temple in Fort Lauderdale.  The site is approved, everything is ready, and they can begin construction.  Currently the closest temple is in Orlando.  Missionaries can attend it on their final day of the mission and it's pretty far away, not in the mission.

No cardboard cutouts of Elder Fine for the wedding pics?  Why not? Haha yeah that's perfectly understandable.  I think it would be easier to get a cardboard cutout of Ironman or something and put my face on it.  Yeah.  Super cool, right?

So, cool story about basketball that Sister Hale told us.

Elder Kimball Rogers was a missionary in the New York Palmyra mission, and was serving in an area called Glen Falls.  There was a recent convert in his area named Bonnie Fredette, who had a little brother named Al.  Al was investigating the church and loved to play basketball.  Elder Rogers said to him, "If I beat you at a game of basketball, then you have to listen to a lesson about the gospel."  They played.  He won.  Al was baptized, and raised his family in the church.  40 years later at the Marriott center, Kimball Rogers and Al Fredette met once again to watch their sons, Jimmer and Steven, play together on the BYU basketball team.  That's right, Steven Roger's dad from Mesa Arizona taught Jimmer Fredette's dad the gospel.  Which is awesome, and we can learn a lot of great stuff from that story, but mostly I just wanted to tell you the story.

I will be refilling my meds this next monday in case you were wondering.

Lauren, wow, lots of good food you have been eating.  That was yoda structure, okay I'll just leave it.  Yesterday we went to teach this awesome venezuelan family.  Turns out the mom had gotten up at 5 that morning to begin preparing a delicious lunch because Elder Fine and Elder Hansen were coming over.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, she wasn't very involved in the lesson because she was cooking, but her sons are pretty excited about it and they'll be getting baptised next month.

That's cool that Ethan and the deacons team are doing well.  The young men in my group always dominated in athletics, no thanks to me, but winning is still fun.

Alright, well that's all for now.  I might have some extra time at the end.  We'll see.


Elder Fine

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