Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paz y Gozo

Hey fam!

So my big bro is getting, no manches...I'll just assume that letter from Adam is in the mail and hasn't gotten to me yet, sometimes news gets around slow because the letter has to get to the mission office and then be forwarded to me here.  I'm still here in Hialeah.  My new companion is Elder Hansen and he's a potato farmer from Idaho.  Right now we're working on finding a lot of new people to teach, what with us both being new in the area and not having a super big teaching pool.  The ward mission leader here is awesome, mostly because he's just the kind of personality that makes stuff get done without wasting time.  Maybe the conservative influence comes from the cubans.  I mean, if I had been exiled from a corrupt, poor, communist country, I might be inclined toward the principles of smaller government.  I'm not really sure what else to write...I wore a sweater this finally got down into the mid 60's one day.  Good stuff. Zone conference is tomorrow and Elder Golden (70) will be there.  So we're preparing for that and everything.  It's good stuff.  Have a wonderful day!  Wait a minute, did Adam propose on Valentine's Day?  You cheeseball!  Ah well.  Paz.


Elder Fine

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