Wednesday, February 23, 2011

La Florida

Hey everyone!

That's awesome that I got a letter from the prophet!  I'm loving it here.  There's a lot of turtles here, and you're never very far from a little pond.  There's also some crazy looking birds, including ducks that land in trees, and this one bird that walks around underwater.  Yeah, it doesn't dive or swim or anything, it walks.  Haven't seen any gators yet.  We're right on the ocean and it's beautiful.  Lots of boats and stuff.  We went fishing with one of the senior couples this morning.  Elder Neeley caught a little bait fish and Elder Lopez caught a puffer.  Jim (a non-member friend of the senior couple) caught a bluefish, and I caught a fattie crab and got it all the way up to the edge but it let go.  Yeah I know, big fish story.  Anyway, there are cubans, dominicans, puerto ricans, haitians, jamaicans, salvadorians, guatemalans, hondurans, mexicans, peruvians, colombians, venezuelans, and just about everything else here.  Yeah, that $300 is for the bike.  There was an elder that got sick and went home, and never really used his bike much, so I bought it, so it's like the quality of a new $500 one, but for a little bit less.  $300 is still a lot, but it seemed like the best option.  I'll be sending a present from mexico today if we make it to the post office.  My camera has been acting funny lately and refusing to display certain pictures.  I'm not sure if the card is just getting full or if there's something wrong with it.  Now that I'm in the states, I have more options on what to do with the memory card and everything.  We had Stake Conference last week with Elder Gibbins (Givens?)  I don't know how to spell his name, as well as President Hale and Sister Hale.  Luis, one of our investigators, was very excited to meet them and tell them that he is being baptized next week.  Great guy, he's from Ecuador.  We use bikes and a truck in our area...I like riding my new bike, it's super nice, and Florida is a fantastic place to ride a bike.  There are no hills in Florida and especially not in Southeast Florida.  I am gonna get wet here.  We're in the dry season right now, so it only dumps a few buckets for shorter periods of time and less frequently.  I'm doing just mission changes way too frequently for me to get bored or accustomed to anything, which is good I think.  Keep on keeping on.


Elder Brandon Kevin Fine

The letter from the Prophet he refers to is a an official letter that was mailed to our home address changing his call from Mexico city to Ft Lauderdale. He sounds happy, which makes us happy.  J

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