Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Another Day in South Florida

In response to Mom's concern about being cold, I actually had to keep myself from laughing out loud.  I seriously was just contemplating sending home my sweaters and hats because it is never ever cold here.  I'm glad you got the azteca turtle :) I'm sure I'll eventually come across a cuban style turtle.  Fun stuff.  So I'd like to tell you a little bit about Hialeah, Cuba, I mean Florida.  There are advertisements for services provided in English.  I would not be surprised if Hialeah had the highest concentration of Latin Americans in the United States.  Spanish is the first language they speak to you at Wal-Mart and all the other stores, even if you're white (most cubans are).  In fact, I've been called Mexican several times because of the way I talk, because here you can't tell where someone is from by what they look like.  So I don't have any iguanas yet, but I got a couple of the weird birds and some funny sign pictures so I'm gonna try to put those on right now, hopefully it won't take too long.  Wow, ok that was super fast actually.  Alright, let's see, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!  I'm gonna write you a letter too.  So the bird with the wings spread out is the one that goes down under the water and eats stuff off the bottom, then it goes and spreads its wings out to catch the sun and warm up and all that good stuff.  Today is my last day with Elders Alvarado and Dube.  They are both going home and I shall be left in charge of the area with my new companion that I'll get tomorrow.  It's gonna be pretty crazy.  We can't eat with members after 5 unless we have an investigator there, so they just give us a lot of food that we take back and eat. lots of arroz.  The problem is a lot of the food would be really good except we have to reheat it and it ends up being kind of nasty.  But that's what hot sauce was invented for, to improve the taste of reheated leftover cuban food.  Um, what other questions were there.  lemme check.   Well, I don't know.  I hope Joe is doing alright.  Tell him I said hi and that I know the Lord wants him back out there as soon as he's ready.  Lots of dominicans and puerto ricans here too, awesome people.  I feel like I'm definitely forgetting something.  If I remember in the next 14 minutes I'll tell you.  Good luck with everything!


Elder Fine

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