Monday, March 7, 2011

Ah, Orange blossoms, eh?

I have ten minutes to write this letter.  Diane, I hope you have a lot of fun in California.  I have some friends serving there.  I don't know which mission Carlsbad is in though.  Mom, can you send me a recipe for Lemon Bars and breadsticks and maybe a couple other things that are super easy to make, and diane's chocolate chip cookies.  That would be super cool.  I like cooking stuff.  So, something cool about the Ft. Lauderdale mission.  Since President Hale has been here, they've seen a dramatic increase in baptisms.  When missions have dramatic increases in baptisms, general authorities come and visit to see what made the difference.  So we get a lot of them.  Elder Giddens is coming on Friday.  Sorry this is obnoxiously short.  I wrote Adam first.  What else.  Hialeah is super crazy as always.  This cool kid named Alan should be getting baptized soon.  He's awesome.  Well I'm out of time.  Love you.

The Church is True!

Elder Fine

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