Monday, April 4, 2011


Dearest Fines,

Thanks for the letter last week Dad, yes, I got it, though I forgot to mention it last week.  I haven't gotten the other one yet.  Since transfers are tomorrow, they hold the mail for a few days.  I'll get it at the transfer meeting tomorrow.  Speaking of transfers, I am once again being moved.  I'm kind of used to it at this point, but that doesn't exactly make it any easier, especially since Elder Hansen and I worked so hard together to bring this area up from the dust and make it perform like it hasn't for a really long time.  Elder Hansen will be training this next transfer.  He's a great missionary, and I can feel good about him running Hialeah West without me (He'll probably be district leader too, because Elder Ball is also transfering).  The moon is awesome.  It always reminds me of Mom when I see it and makes me feel good, as cheesy as that sounds, but whatevs.  Speaking of Peter, I think Bruce R McKonkie gave a talk about Peter once.  It's pretty amazing.  See if you can find it on the byuspeeches website.  Being a missionary is amazing.  It's super demanding in just about every aspect possible, but also super amazing and just an all around fantastic life.  I'm secretly hoping Ethan gets called somewhere in the Gulf Coast/Carribean so that the Brothers Fine can all visit their missions together.  How awesome would that be?  Louisiana, Florida, Republica Dominicana, and....Cuba...yeah, it'll open soon enough.  Life's good.  Thanks for the recetas and the wedding invitation.  I wonder if they chose that picture because it makes Melissa look a little less short.  Anywho, good stuff.  I think I'll go order the joseph smith movie from the church website now.  Have a wonderful day!


Elder Fine

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