Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Evicted from a Great and Spacious Building

hello everypeople!

Beginning with the first question, on days like yesterday, missionaries go about proselyting like normal.  Holidays are great times to find people at home.  Scout camp and efy are good memories.  Have Diane look out for youth from Miami and the surrounding area.  I know the stake president here is really pushing for the kids to go to efy.  Wow, LSAT time already?  Good Luck Adam!  There are a lot of Law students and lawyers in my ward.  The president of the UM branch of the J Ruben Clark LDS law society is in my ward.  UM is a pricey school.  I wouldn't recommend it.  You can probably get a cheaper and just as good if not better education at BYU. 

The official start of hurricane season is today.  You're right, I do want to experience a hurricane, although from what I've heard from people, it's not a pleasant experience.  We've gone through our 72 hour kits and replaced a lot of the food and stored some water, and of course we're very organized and planned for the probable event of a hurricane. 

Some guy just pulled us aside to present a speech for a class about his perceived self and presented self.  The content was good, but it could have used some more preparation.  In other words, if it's for a speech class, emphasize speaking.  Then again, Brigham Young was converted by the testimony of a "man without eloquence."  Anyway, that was service.

I'm not sure I've told you the story of our apartment, but let me summarize.  It's a condominium, meaning that we pay rent to the owner, and the owner pays, or in our specific case doesn't pay, the association.  A recently passed Florida statute says that if the owner is delinquent and fails to pay, the association may collect rent directly from the tenants.  The owner of our apartment lives in Mexico City and hasn't payed the association since March of 2010.  The rent has already been payed to the owner for next month, and the church is very organized and checked and balanced, so it would be difficult to change.  Red tape.  Also, when the mission signed the contract, someone wrote the wrong unit number somewhere so we had been paying for our neighbor's electricity and water.  Ours, however, was not being payed.  I think the water heater was here during the Spanish colonization of Florida.  Anyway, our water heater has broken and was fixed twice.  Our electricity has been turned off.  Our water has been turned off twice.  We've received several demands for the rent which we've forwarded to the mission office.  And last Friday we received our Three Days Notice to Tennant:  Demand for Payment or Possession.  In other words, we are being evicted :)

The mission will probably pay a fine to have us stay a little longer and then move us somewhere close by.  You can be assured that your equalized mission funds are going to good use.

Lest you think that this had any impact on the work, we baptized Guillermo on Sunday.  I'll wait to tell you more about him until I have his 4 page talk that he wrote and gave after he was baptized.  Suffice it to say he's the most amazing convert so far and the baptism was super powerful.

Also, here's a picture of the sign on a really old chapel in our zone.  Miami 2nd branch no longer exists, and neither does the southern states mission, but they kept the sign.

The lizard on the palm tree is a big dude.  I'm not sure if it's a little iguana or a giant gecko or one of those lizards with the beards or whatever you call them, big red ovals that they stick out of their necks to catch the attention of the lizard womenfolk.

And of course the eviction notice.

I need to report to President Hale now.  Have a good week!

Elder Fine

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