Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Miami Zion

Hold on there, you didn't get an email last week?  Blasted Internet Goblins!  I'll re-send tuesday's letter.  Ok, now read last week's.  Did you read it?  Ok.

We didn't get evicted.  President Hale decided that we were staying.  So we did.  Also Guillermo still hasn't typed up his talk.  He's been pretty bummed about being unemployed and has depression problems.  We (and by we I mean the elder's quorum president) are trying to help him function so that he can go job hunting.  A family from Gilbert just moved into our neighborhood.  Brother Doctor Garmin the podiatrist and his family.  He looks and acts like Uncle Shane.  We helped the Elders' Quorum unpack his 27 foot trailer packed full of stuff.  The only thing that didn't come out was the airplane.  He buys and sells broken a hobby.  His dad and his brother do the same thing as a full time job in Arizona (Falcon Field).

EFY and Geronimo are both excellent places to be.  I don't know if I told you, but because I came to this mission at a strange time, I'll be serving a 23 month mission.  Not sure how I feel about that...I'll ask President Anderson when he gets here, but for now, that's just off in the distance somewhere that I  don't want to think about. 

Speaking of difficult Legal tests, we're teaching someone who is taking the federal bar exam soon.  Her husband is a member and teaches in Elders' Quorum and they've both been active for about 6 months.  Not sure why nobody thought to tell the missionaries that she wasn't a member before, but all's well in zion now that we're teaching her.  She's really cool and could probably be baptized this month except she's uber-pregnant.  She also needs a testimony of the restoration, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, her 6 year old can tell the Joseph Smith story.

Other than her and one other investigator, our teaching pool dried up in a hurry this week.  Our main man Tony disappeared.  We can't find him.  Maybe it was the internet goblins.  Anywho, just more opportunities to find, I guess.
Don't worry about getting old.  There's a Jeffrey R. Holland talk that I carry around with me called "The Best is Yet to Be" from January 2009 Ensign.  I highly recommend it.

Miami Zion is doing well.  Onward and Upward.

Elder Fine

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