Monday, October 24, 2011


This week has been pretty insane.  I was transferred once again not too far from where I was.  In fact, all three of my last areas border each other.  I'm still a zone leader of the same zone, and because of that, the truck came with me to my new area :)  It's pretty different.  A lot more english and a lot more african americans.  We live less than a mile from the ocean and the air smells and feels absolutely fantastic right now.  One of these days we'll ride our bikes over there and take pictures.  The zoo is also in the ward boundaries so I'll probably want to check that out if we have time on a p-day.  And my companion is none other than Flagstaff's own Elder Dillin Skyler Hatch.  He has cousins that go to Mesa High and if you can, you should try to find his family and say hi.

So, Dad, you weren't feeling great this weekend because you had a long thursday?  Prepare to be 1-upped.

Thursday night after a long day of work, we were just finishing up planning and we got a call from Elder Smith (my last companion in Sunset South).  He informed me that Elder Bjorling (Sunset North) was being rushed to the ER after being hit by a car on his bike.  We didn't really know anything about his condition, but we called the Assistants and were instructed to get to the hospital and inform them of what would be happening.  We drove 40 minutes to get out there, and he was in good spirits, telling jokes and stuff.  The only problem so far as we could tell was that he had been hit by a car.  They did an x-ray of his neck, for which he was required to stand.  Not only did he almost pass out and lost all the color in his face from standing for 15 seconds, they found a chipped vertabrae in his neck.  Not good.  So chipped vertabrae and he thinks his knees and wrist are probably broken.  These tests all took a long, long time, so at this point it was probably 1 AM.  He turned to his companion, Elder Rondo, who had only been out in the field for 2 days, and asked for a blessing.  He was super nervous and didn't think he could do it, but he did.  Short, simple.  A little while later they took him in for an MRI, in which they found that his neck, knees, and wrist were totally fine.  When he came back, he got up and walked to the bathroom with some difficulty, but no help from others.  By the time it was almost 5, he was released.  We brought him home, hit a 24 hour walgreens and got him some ibuprofen, and went home.  We got back at 6 AM.  We slept for a few hours and then went back out to work.  My Thursday wins.  He's doing okay now, thanks to the priesthood and a lot of rest.  Luckily, his last companion was transferred to Key West and the missionaries can't be in Key West this week because there's an abominable sin festival going on, so the Key West Elders will be helping him out in his area.  Woot!  Love you!  Take care!

Elder Fine

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