Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Burned Out? Hardly.

Hi Mom!

Let's start with the bad news.  3:00 AM on the morning of Saturday, October 30, a fire was intentionally started in the chapel of the LDS meetinghouse where the Miller and Granite Spanish Wards meet.  The building was extensively damaged and will be unusable for many months.  Another building on Main St was also burned, but caught sooner.  Luckily, there are many meetinghouses here in Salt Lake, and other stakes kindly took us in, but it is further away, and many of our members walked to church before it was burned.  South Salt Lake Police have arrested the person responsible.

But that didn't stop our ward from having 3 baptisms that same morning, or having the primary program the next day.  Our Stake had a pretty cool Halloween carnival.  The missionaries had a booth where we would ask questions to the kids and give them prizes when they answered them.  Who baptized Jesus?  What did the Lord command Nephi to go and build?  Questions like that.  We spent Saturday Evening at a Member's house with the whole zone because we had to stay in and, well, might as well have a zone activity.  Details se encuentran en Lauren's email.  We had to wear proselyting clothes, so my halloween costume was a black suit, black tie, black sunglasses, and a black raincoat (which I have).  Transfers were today.  Elder Seivert and I are staying in our area, but Elder Chavez is leaving and we have a new companion, Elder Guillen, from Paraguay.  Native Companion!!!!! Yessss!  Elder Chavez was technically a native speaker but not really because he grew up in California and spoke English more.  We also are moving apartments and no longer have a car.  Hopefully Obispo Melquisedec Matute will let us use his truck to move some stuff (like my mattress because we have 3 misioneros and the new apartment only has 2 camas).  Anyway, gotta get back to baptizing nations ;)

The church is true!

Elder Fine

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