Monday, November 1, 2010

Patience is a Christlike Virtue

Hey Mom!  I'm still here in Salt Lake and haven't heard anything about visas.  One thing:  it snowed this week and it is possible that I could be here for another transfer or longer.  With this in mind, I would like to request, if possible, gloves and a black beanie.  I think I'll be ok without a winter coat, unless Adam wants to take a date to temple square and drop it off at the mission office (the address that I sent) on his way.  If not, and I still need one, there's a DI pretty close.  I don't think I'll need it though.  After all, we have a car.  Sorry the pictures didn't work!  I'll try again next week.  The reason that P-day is on Thursday today instead of Wednesday is because Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy was speaking to us yesterday.  That's the third time he's spoken to a group that I've been in within the last two months.  Once at the MTC, once at the regional conference last Sunday (along with President Uchtdorf and Elder Nelson, did you know they and the other apostles go skiing together?), and then yesterday at the mission tour.  It was pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to immediately apply the great things we learned because Elder Seivert was sick.  So we had to stay in and were able to review our notes and clean and I got a haircut.  P-day next week will also be thursday, I think, because transfers are on wednesday, I'll probably stay here in the Granite Park Stake though, they like missionaries to get to know areas, and members in the area to know the missionaries, and since I'm a visa waiter, there's almost no chance of me getting transferred.  I hope you all have a fun Halloween.  We're staying in Saturday night.  Not really sure how Sunday is going to work, but we'll be doing missionary work that night.  Baptisms the next two weeks! :)  Brenda Martinez on the 30th and Jasmin (step-daughter of Ernesto) on the 6th.  To Sister Knight:  No problem!  I made it a goal at the beginning of my mission that I would reply to every letter that I received, which, I admittedly haven't been perfect at (Sorry Diane and Sister Beecher, I owe you letters, and everyone who wrote me last week, I haven't had any time today to write letters so you'll have to wait, but patience is a Christlike attribute, so you'll be blessed).  Well, I guess that's it for this week.  I love you all. Eat lots of candy!

The church is true,

Elder Brandon Kevin Fine

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