Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Dear Family:

PICTURES!!!! (note from the editor: sorry about this photo teaser, my mom said there weren't any photos with the email. Perhaps he forgot or there was an attachment error. Either way, we should have some pictures of Elder Fine soon)

Ernesto got married and baptized!!!! woot.  The Lord is working some mighty miracles in that family.  12 year old Ernesto Jr. (Gordo) was baptized a month ago and is pretty much a miniature general authority.  He's very smart, has a huge desire to learn and a strong testimony and he wants his family to have it as well.  Ernesto Sr. is also amazing.  Smart, unlearned, but smart.  Gordo gave the talk on baptism at his dad's baptismal service, and it was amazing.  12 years old, pure doctrine, powerful testimony, delivered with love, and he's only been a member for a month.  He basically holds that family together.  So, I don't want to bore you with too much character background, but this is all leading up to a pretty amazing story.  Well, it was amazing when it happened and I'll try to convey the amazingness when I tell it.  So last night we went over there to get the details for Ernesto's baptismal record (place of birth, children's full names and birthdays, etc.) We had some extra time before our next appointment so we decided to watch a church film.  During the film, it didn't really seem like anyone was paying too much attention, and then afterward we bore testimony of God's love for his children and the truthfulness and power of the Book of Mormon, and that we were the only ones who have the restored gospel.  Jasmin (14), who had never been interested in talking to us, at least not since I've been here, started asking questions and really showing what is referred to in the scriptures as real intent.  Even before the movie, she was kind of ignoring us and Gordo said in a perfect annoying little brother tone "I'm gonna keep praying for you until you realize that church is good for you, you know that right?"  Anyway, probably because of him, she started paying attention.  So we knelt down and had her ask God, right then and there if this was his true church (that's how she phrased it "your true church").  And then we stayed on our knees for what could have been anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, I'm not sure.  How do you feel?  "weird" The spirit feels weird when we don't know what it is.  It's a good weird, but yeah.  She agreed to prepare to be baptized on November 6, and this is where Ernesto Jr. says "hey, can I say something?" and in three or four of the most powerful sentences I've ever heard, bears testimony to his sister of how this decision will make her a better and happier person and that's what he wants for her.  Nothing we could say was going to top that, so we closed with a prayer and then left in absolute awe of how the spirit directed everything in there.  We didn't go there to talk to Jasmin, nor to watch a film.  We weren't even planning on having a lesson!  If you had asked me beforehand if Jasmin would accept a baptismal date that night, I would have laughed.  Gordo doesn't know a whole lot of doctrine, but he  knows how to follow the spirit when directed, and he knows that going to church is good for you, because when men speak by the power of the spirit, it carries their words unto the hearts of men.  We do not know who God has prepared.  The field is white, already to harvest.

This week is Stake conference.  It's in the conference center and we'll have the opportunity to hear from one of the Twelve.  It is also possible that one of the first presidency could be there as well.  Gettin kinda tired of always interacting with prophets here...yawn...Chiste! I love it.

Re: Christmas
It's up to you.  I get mail on Monday, so it's possible I won't have it until next week if it gets here after Monday, but what I've heard is that I will be here for a week after I receive word of my VISA.  Since I have not received word, I will still be here for at least a week, possibly more.  So, yes.  I will be here.  I don't care what you send me.  A harmonica would be nice.

Found in the pictures is the missionary light saber photo trick (done by holding a scripture highlighter close to the camera), the reason LDS missionaries support tide to go (before and after)  I think there's a mexican flag one, and the I was reassigned picture, some from GENCON 2010 pt 2 and one of me and my buddy Adam at the provo temple.

The church is true.  The book is blue.  I love the food and I'm getting pretty good at "smashing" (that's what happens when missionaries eat with members, which we do every day).  Keep building Zion.  Good luck.


Elder Fine

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