Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Querida Familia,

Thanks for the updates!  I'm sorry to hear about Brother Sabbe, but the knowledge we have of the resurrection is very comforting, and will bring joy to many in Mexico.  I am so excited to go.  I should find out this week whether or not I have a visa.  I love my district and am so proud of all they are accomplishing.  We are all striving to obey all the rules, even the ones we don't understand.  Sometimes God gives us commandments just so he can give us more blessings for obeying them.  Speaking of pictures, I wouldn't mind getting some from you lot.  Or my ties, that would be good, too, please.  Take good care of the lemon tree.  Hermano Pace's last day was on Saturday and our new teacher is Hermano Diaz, a Peru native.  He's a really fun teacher and was the only one of the teachers in out class building who knew how to say "jellyfish" in spanish (medusa).  This was important because high fives are not allowed, so if someone were to attempt a high five, I would have to make a jellyfish motion with my hand to avoid breaking the rules.  I'm not sure if that made any sense.  Ask lauren to explain "jellyfish/bigger jellyfish."  I'm sure Adam will make the right decision.  The temple is a great place to ponder difficult questions, especially the 4:00 session on wednesdays ;) chiste.  Last night's devotional was Elder Hinckley (Yep, that Elder Hinckley); he and his wife taught us the keys to a successful mission.  The main thing I got from both of them was just to stay happy, be excited, and have a good attitude (Elder Hinckley also mentioned stay on your medication and be careful).  When he was a new mission president, he was feeling like maybe he couldn't do this for 3 years.  When he mentioned that to Sister Hinckley, she said "Why don't you call your dad and tell him you want to go home?"  After that he wasn't discouraged anymore.  He looks and sounds SO MUCH like his dad, it was kind of strange listening to him.


Elder Fine

For Dad:
After his talk, Elder Hinckley invited us to ask questions.  One Elder asked him "What was the most important thing you learned from your father?"  He replied, "He was not a preacher at home, but the example he set and how he lived his life was a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel."

Dad, I want you to know that I honestly cannot think of a better man than Kevin Paul Fine.  I have tried.  You have been that example for me, and because of that, I hold you higher in my mind than anyone else.  I love you, and I figured I needed to thank you for being such a great man, because not everyone is as lucky as I am to have the greatest man on the planet to be their father.  So thanks.

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 9:25 AM, Kevin Fine <kevinfine@cox.net> wrote:
Good Morning, Sonshine!

It is Monday morning and I am writing you before I head off to work. 

First, THANKS for sending pictures!  I loved them.  The one of you pointing on the map is on the fridge.  And I got your other pictures developed this week – so your plaque at church has your cute picture on it, and your picture on the wall is no longer your senior picture, but is a new missionary one, and I replaced that framed pic of Adam that we kept in the living room with a pic of my new missionary – so it was a picture filled week.   J

You look happy and well, which makes me happy!

Speaking of being happy – your sister is having the time of her life at BYU.  Here are a couple of texts I got this past week
“This library is possibly the most amazing place I’ve ever been.”
“On the first floor, they have an exhibit with original writings of famous authors like Charles Dickens – their actual handwriting.  I about died of joy. J

We skyped with her yesterday and she looked and sounded great.  Of course, today is the first day of classes, so the fun may dwindle somewhat with the actual “School” part of school. 

Adam was called to be the Sunday School President in his ward.  He will do a good job, I am sure.  From what I can tell, he is still deciding about whether to date Katie or Lanae – he hasn’t shared anything about it.  He wants to get it figured out first, then tell people – I guess that makes sense.

Diane is cheering in her first game on Thursday of this week.  I have never been to a Poston football game – but I will be going to several this year! 

Ethan will be starting soccer soon.  I hope he likes it.  I am a little tired of him practicing in the house!  But he is full of energy and is a good kid.

Yesterday was our first Sunday with just 2 kids. – kind of strange.  We sat on the same bench with the Millers.  We really can’t justify an entire bench to ourselves with just 4 people!  It still feels like home, though, and you three who are gone are often in our thoughts and conversations and always in our prayers.

I am going to John Sabbe’s funeral this morning.  He passed away last Thursday.  I am both happy and sad for him and Sandy.  These past few years have been hard.  This is when a testimony of the resurrection really matters. 

We pruned the lemon tree tons this weekend.  All of the branches had become so heavy, they were about to break.  I hope it will live.  – I know you think of that as your tree – and we are doing our best to have it be here and healthy when you return.

I was happy to hear about some VISA’s being on time.  I am very interested to see how that plays out for you.

Thanks for your fun letters. They make me smile all throughout the week J

Take care!


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