Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Un Mes

He Aqui, Uno Mes. (Behold, One Month)

Selections from the Missionary Journal of Elder Brandon Kevin Fine

Excerpt One.  21 Agosto, 2010

...At dinner, when I was getting salsa for my chimichanga, the Elder in front of me accidentally got a few drops of salsa on my favorite tie (the red paisley from Brother Barton).  I was pretty annoyed but I refrained from saying anything beyond "!En Serio!" to him; however, I did say other things when describing this event to my district.  I had scarcely done so when immediately my hand slipped and my fork flung salsa and sour cream all over my white shirt...Wo unto him that is quick to anger... Anyway, right after I had badmouthed this Elder, I had done far worse.  Clearly to teach me something of humility.  So I laughed it off and changed my shirt and tie and used an entire Tide to Go Pen.  Took Before and After pictures too, in case Tide ever wants to use the catch phrase "LDS missionaries support Tide to Go!"

Excerpt Two.  22 Agosto, 2010

...We took some great district photos at the temple with a Mexican flag.  Got some great ones of me wearing it like a cape and looking really heroic with Elder DeYoung's Mexico scarf like a sash.  Devotional was Stephen B. Allen.  I like him.  He allows us to take off our suit coats and is always fun and uplifting...

Excerpt Three.  24 Agosot, 2010

...Elder Moss and I taught the entire first lesson in spanish for the first time.  It went really well, could be better, but it was good...Elder Holland came today and gave the devocional (I accidentally spelled it in spanish in my journal).  It was amazing.  Such a strong spirit was there and it made me want to go Christlike the socks off of everyone in Mexico.  So motivating.

You should be getting some photos from me soon.  None of the photos that are mentioned will be included because they are too recent for me to have printed.  but there are some pretty great ones there.  I'm having a great time here and learning a ton.  If y'all want to send me Lauren and Adam's addresses, it'd be cool to send them letters at BYU.  I got almost no mail at BYU.  Recently, visas have gotten better.  A group going to Mexico got theirs ON TIME last week.  Entonces, we shall see.  My mission is open.  I do not have the address, but you might be able to find it online at this point.  There's a website where you can search for a mission or even a missionary and find the address.  When I checked it before I left, the Northwest mission was not on it, but it might be now.  The signs on the front are still gone.  I don't know that it was vandalism, that's just something that I heard here.  You can't be sure of a lot of things that you hear at the MTC.  Speaking of things I'm hearing, what is going on with BYU's sports program?  I heard they might go independent but haven't yet made the decision.  And...I really need more ties.  The ones I have aren't gonna last and there are some I left that I wish I had.  We figured out the trick to not having freezing showers, so that's good.  Anyway, the church is true.  The book is blue.  Moroni is on the ball.

Live long and prosper,

Elder Brandon Fine

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