Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Fun Phone Call

I just got off the phone with Brandon.  It was so wonderful to hear his voice – of course I broke into spontaneous tears as soon as I knew it was him.  J

He had 4 minutes, and I shared some of those with Diane and Ethan. 

He is going to the Salt Lake City mission on Thursday (9-23), where he will serve (Spanish speaking) until his Visa comes through, at which time he will proceed to the Mexico City Northwest Mission, where he was originally called.  He doesn’t have any further info on how long he will be there, so it will be a surprise for all of us.

I guess it makes sense that it is cheaper/easier for the church to send him from Provo to Salt Lake for his waiting period than to send him anywhere else, but then again, maybe there is divine purpose in his stay in SLC.

Words cannot express how GREAT it was to talk with him, even just for a few minutes.  I love that boy!


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