Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Mountain of the Lord

Family, Friends, and People of Mesa,

I am having a wonderful time in the Salt Lake City Mission.  Let's start with a cool story.  This morning we went to the Temple.  It was my first time doing any redemptive work in the Salt Lake Temple.  The live session is very cool.  As we (a group of missionaries) were entering the temple, we were stopped in the hall by some bodyguard-type brethren and we saw Elder Perry walk by.  Then around the corner, smiling cheerfully, come President Uchtdorf and his wife.  President Uchtdorf looks at us, says "well this is a good looking group of missionaries" and walks over to shake everyone's hand, tells us to "enjoy the temple" and then goes into his meeting.  Needless to say we were all a little in awe.  You can't see it on tv, but President Uchtdorf radiates happiness.  He had a great big smile on the whole time and you could tell that he was genuinely happy to meet us and just a very happy person in general.  I heard that some other missionaries saw Elder Oakes as well, but we were already inside at that point.  Yesterday was zone conference.  I played Come thou Fount on a borrowed violin.  Considering that I pretty much had to sight read it there, I did a good job.  If I had time to practice it, it could have been better, but that's not what I need to be spending time on.  I got an email from President Tervort of Mision Mexico Ciudad Mexico Noroeste today.  According to him, they only have about 100 missionaries in a 200 missionary mission, a 12 by 12 mile square with millions of people in it.  They've been fasting for the visas.  I'll be glad when I get to go, but I think I'll miss it here.  I can understand pretty much everyone except Ernesto, but nobody understands him so it's ok.  I can even sort of speak spanish, very slowly and simply.  At least I won't overcomplicate any doctrine.  I forgot my camera again but there is a picture with the back of my head in it from the lds newsroom that I'll attach for you :).  Sorry Arizona had some pre-millenial storm trouble, but I suppose that's to be expected.  Especially with the way the talks are leaning in recent general conferences.  Spanish Joke! (upside down question mark) Que dice Pinnochio cuando tiene hambre?  Yo quiero ser real!

That's all folks!


Elder Fine

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