Tuesday, October 19, 2010

General Conference

Hello Family!!!

Well, conference, as you are probably aware, was AMAZING.  We were down at temple square for every session and were in the conference center for both sessions on Saturday.  I saw a lot of people from Mesa and BYU and I also went to Deseret book and got Handel's Messiah as performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra and the 1985 Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  It's quite good.  We also saw Alex Boye standing outside being a famous mormon and doing whatever it is that famous mormon singers do.  I keep forgetting to bring my camera, but next week I'll send pictures.  Mom, no se preocupe.  One of the themes that was stressed in conference was trusting the Lord. As Elder Bednar would say, "Quit worrying about it.  Be a good girl.  Keep your covenants, and the spirit will guide your decisions."  I do not know the status of my visa. I will know as soon as President Winn gets any information and as soon as that happens I will be shipped out within a few days.  Little by little I'm getting better at just randomly talking to people I don't know.  It's pretty hard to pull a conversation out of thin air, especially in Spanish, but as my companions pointed out "If you feel awkward, you're doing it right."  Missionaries shouldn't be comfortable. 

Inspirational story of the week:

Elder Chavez, Seivert, and I were at Temple Square Sunday evening and had a tour planned for some of our investigators.  They would see the family presentation, feel the spirit, and get baptized and be saved for eternity and all would be well in Zion.  Despite our efforts to confirm the appointment and remind them where to be and when, they didn't show.  This, in and of itself, was pretty devastating, but what's more, we now had no ride home (and were not permitted to buy trax tickets on sunday).   We called a few people in the ward who did not answer and found that we truly were stranded.  So I said a prayer, asking for a miracle, as Elder Seivert tried dialing any number he could find in the phone. Half an hour later, we were picked up by the brother of someone that Elder Seivert had accidentally called because she had the same name (Carla) as the daughter of someone in our ward.  This brother had served in the SLC South mission and knew Elder Chavez from California.  The Lord answers prayers and watches out for the missionaries.

To the familia Grubbs:  Elder Josh Carter is in my zone.  We had some good times talking about the strange connections we had with you guys.  He's a great missionary.

I love you all.  Have a great day, gotta go!


Elder Fine

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