Monday, June 11, 2012


Hey y'all!

My week was good. We have a lot of investigators who are sooo close to being baptized but satan just keeps gettting in the way.  He's annoying like that.  Any time that people try to do right and come closer to the savior, there is always an increase in opposition pulling them back.  This week has also built my testimony that this is the Lord's work and not mine.  People are being prepared long before we ever meet them.

Next week the stake is having youth conference in Key West, which should be really fun for the youth.  My ankle is doing better.  I still can't really run and jump, which makes morning workouts super boring.  I have a testimony of exercise now.  Not being able to exercise, having way too much ibuprofen in my system, along with being injured and just the stresses of mission life brought me way down for a little bit there...I'm glad that's over.  Happy missionaries are successful missionaries.  Anyway, I am grateful to be able to get my heart rate up because if it stays down too long you feel super gross and you don't feel like a missonary even if your numbers are great (which they are).

Well, I have to take a survey now.  It's important for the sake of church statistics, which I also have a testimony of.


Elder Fine

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