Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hello family!

I just realized that Jamison probably has short hair...I wonder what
he looks like.  That's awesome that Willie and Jordan are back
too...Are they both still in our ward?

I'm going fishing today :) we decided to go to black creek, which
empties out into the ocean at that place where we took Christmas card

I know the word creek in Arizona usually means something that is
either dry, or has just enough water in it to be able to jump across
or easily wade through without getting too wet.  This one is probably
a good 20-30 feet deep in some places.

Ethan, I know I wasn't on time with your birthday letter like I was
with Diane.  Relax, it's coming.  Maybe I'll catch a fish today and
mail it to you ;)

Mom, I have a terrible confession to make....I actually had no idea
what you studied in school.  I had wondered about it, but I never
really thought I had a good reason to ask and by the time I realized
that I didn't know, I felt silly for not knowing so I kept my mouth

I've learned a good deal about the atonement this week, which is
always good to understand more deeply.  I've found that the better I
understand something, the more simply I can explain it.

Not much else is new.  Elder Gavarett from the Seventy is coming to
visit in a couple weeks.  The mission is great.  Take care.

Elder Fine

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