Sunday, April 8, 2012

Criminal Nonintent

Good Morning Arizona!

My week was great!  I got the cops called on me for knocking on a
door.  They came and told us to stop.  For some reason they thought it
was necessary to bring 3 cars, all with their lights on, to stop the
mormons from their heinous criminal activity.  Usually, the police
don't really take us that seriously.  They know who we are and they
know we're not going to hurt anyone and they have better things to do
with their time...but apparently these guys didn't have anything
better to do and hadn't gotten their daily "unnecessarily be a jerk to
someone" points yet.  We were very respectful and honest, and gave the
sergeant our ID's and told him where we were staying and everything.
He told me to sit on the front of the police car, which I didn't do
because I thought it was a ridiculous request and it looked like it
had just been waxed.  Instead I just stood there and confidently
listened to him with the knowledge that he could do absolutely nothing
to me and keep his job.  So while they were being tough and lecturing
us about scaring people in residential neighborhoods, all I could
think was "Have I done anything illegal? No? Okay then leave me alone
I have work to do." But I decided to keep my mouth shut.  We started
walking back the other way, talked to a guy that was walking, he
invited us over, and we followed him back to the same street that we
had been stopped on.  It made me feel like I was doing my job right.
We went back the next day and apologized to the lady that we had
apparently scared.  If she had simply been willing to look through the
window at us so that we could have talked to her instead of shouting
through the door that we wanted to give her blessings from Jesus, the
entire episode would have been avoided...Anyway, that's my story for
this week.

I was up in Plantation on Friday on exchanges with the Assistants.
They've cleared the ground for the Fort Lauderdale temple.  It's very

Happy Birthday Ethan!  I don't think I have anything quite as cool to
send you that I found on the street...unless you like lost keys that
have been run over and bent a few times?  I'll see what I can do

Please give Seth Barton a vicarious high five for me.  He's a good
man.  Time to ride my bike to publix because we're out of miles on the
truck and it's the end of the month :)


Elder Fine

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