Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Cold Front in the Tropics

Coldest day I've seen in Florida.

56 degrees and windy!  Time to break out the sweater.  Eric Evans and Terry Cox got baptized last week and confirmed on Sunday.  Let's years was fun...we stayed up until 10:30 and slept in until 6:25 and had Cheez-its and IBC cream soda.  Yup.  Party.  Haven't caught any fish yet...largely because I haven't really gone fishing...but the family that owns the bait & tackle shop right next to our house is super cool...never would have gotten to know them if I hadn't gotten that fishing pole for Christmas.  They have a couple giant snapper turtles and a fresh water eel that they caught and some enormous alligator skulls.  We found out that South Florida's oldest and largest alligator farm is only a few miles south of us so we'll see if we can go one of these p-days.  I wonder how much the teeth cost...we'll see...I'm not too worried about the drivers' license since I'm not exactly planning on buying alcohol, but it might be nice to have the picture updated though.

Yes, mother, I am familiar with "safety for the soul."  In fact, I carry it around with me and have a significant portion of it memorized.  It's often used and quoted in missionary trainings.

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