Sunday, April 8, 2012

Collision Course With Life

Apartment, eh?  That's weird.  I know real life continues after the mission, but it's still just strange to think about.  Of all the things I think will stick with me after my mission, the use of time is probably among the highest.  I'm definitely a lot better at it now.  I need to get a job, too.  I'll worry about that when I get there though.  For now, if Lauren could just say hi to "the coolest guys in her ward" for me, that would be great!

We're teaching a Polish family and we heard about a terrible train collision in Poland.  Very sad.  His name is stanley and his kids are patrick and nicole and they're both super-athletes.  Patrick is 12 and a soccer star that plays on a team with kids 2 years older than him and Nicole can run a half marathon at a good pace and she's 10.  He always makes us delicious polish food.  Potato cakes, apple cakes, next time we're going to have crab cakes.  Apparently they eat a lot of cakes in Poland.  Fineya (cool)

I loved the letters I got from the ward!  Since I don't have the time or the means to reply to everyone individually, I'd like to just say thanks to all.  The Church is True.  Thank you for your support and prayers.

Much love,

Elder Fine

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