Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun Memories

Guess what I had for dinner last night? Shrimp.  Guess where I got them?  from the water.  Guess how much? 2 pounds of them.  Guess how fast?  in about 15 minutes.   We went to see a recent convert and her husband who is really close to getting baptized and they were just leaving.  They told us to follow them around the corner and we did.  they handed us some nets and flashlights and we walked down to the side of the water and found that it was loaded with shrimp.  half an hour later we were back at their house eating fresh shrimp.  We went to church in the Key Marathon "twig" yesterday.  The branch president claims it's too small to be called a branch.  We've been visiting a lot of less actives and having some good experiences there.  on one island, Big Pine Key, there is a species of deer called Key Deer.  They are endangered and are only found on that island.  As you can see in the pictures, they're quite small and very tame.  They walked up to us and let us pet them...I think people feed them sometimes, even though that's illegal.  Also, we found a purple flower on Key Haven (annexed onto stock island where we live) that's probably the coolest flower I've ever seen.  And a white one too.  And the giant moth was from back in Miami but I don't think I sent that picture yet.  So that's the wildlife for this week.  There's a family here from Mexico City that's going to get baptized in a couple of weeks.  they're super cool.  I love this area, it's just so fun.  Elder Brough is awesome.  Super hardworking and obedient and he pretends he's a superhero a lot and it makes things fun.  I'm going to try to get a Conch Republic flag from walgreens or something.  Key west seceded from the union in the 1800's some time and they have their own flag that they still proudly fly.  Conch is a sea snail...It's very tasty, but I don't think it's legal to fish for here so you have to get it imported.  People who are native to Key West call themselves "conchs" (that's pronounced konks, not konches)  Overall, things are just great, and I'm just happy to be here on my tropical island.  Key West has the best fishing in the world so we might be catching snappers later.  Funny looking little fish, but I guess people eat them.  Gots to be going, see you later!

Elder Fine

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