Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rap Lyrics or Authentic American Poetry

thank you
you da best
here some pitchurs
of Key West
The Romero Family, from Mexico D.F. were baptized and confirmed yesterday.  They are awesome.  Edgar is 15 and will one day be a great missionary.

A Key Buck in Big Pine Key.

The Sunset.

That fish hangs on our wall directly above my study desk.  The member who owns our trailer is a fisherman by trade.  We're going fishing today with an investigator who in wholly converted to the church and actually teaches friends and strangers about it, but doesn't quite understand why he needs to be baptized in THIS church.  His wife got baptized last month.  His name is Mark.  I love him and his family.  He's the one that we caught shrimp with a couple weeks ago.  We'll probably use shrimp to catch fish today.

I love being a missionary.  I don't think I've said that enough.  I love it. I love it. I love it.

School stuff.  I think I'd rather work in the morning and have my classes in the afternoon.

The Church is True!  I haven't told you a lot of the persecution stories, but believe me, men revile and persecute us and speak all manner of evil against us.  Yesterday, a man on a bicycle came up to us and asked, 

"How many wives did William Smith have?"
     "I don't know who William Smith is."
"Whatever, the founder of your church, how many wives did he have?"

Knowing where this was headed I was about to say, "Go find out what his name was and then come back and find us when you know who you're talking about."  but my companion just told him.  So I ended up testifying for a bit while the "Ivy league educated man" attempted to destroy my "bogus religion."  His friend, who was uncomfortable with how rude his associate was being, pulled him away and convinced him to "let the young gentlemen enjoy their afternoon."  We then went across the street and contacted some people of a certain faith which forbids interreligious prayer.  They were friendly enough, but did tell us we were wrong and we should come to their church.  While we were talking to them, a young man drove by in his car and shouted "Hail Satan!" at us.

We then went to visit a man who has been investigating the church for 33 years.

He told us.  "I have known a lot of missionaries, and whenever I look into your eyes, I can see God."

I have a testimony of this work.  It is God's work.  This is his church.

I love you.

Elder Fine

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